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The Student Challenge

Managing and balancing their activities and priorities is consistently ranked amongst the top 3 challenges for adult students pursuing an education with the goal of expanding their career options. A challenge that is amplified for military personnel in transition from a singularly focused, highly regimented environment to one of multiple commitments all which require energy, focus and time.

Survey Says

We asked 350 students what their biggest time management frustration was, these are the top 5.

1. Work-Life Balance
2. Too Many Obligations
3. Time to Study
4. Planning/Organization
5. Procrastination

Attack Your Day's five "activity management" skills and 101 productivity strategies can help your students and faculty achieve unprecedented levels of effectiveness, as they move relentlessly towards achieving their most important goals in life.

The Student Solution

Pearson's Attack Your Day is both a book and an online, self-paced, video course featuring author and activity management expert, Mark Woods. This course teaches simple, yet highly effective, activity management skills which will enable your students to persist with their academic goals.

About Attack Your Day!

Module 1 - Attack Your Activities
Get good at 5 activity management skills and stress less, avoid overwhelm, and deal with interruptions so you can enjoy life. These skills include choosing, arranging, tracking, flexicuting, and focus.

Module 2 - Attack Your Goals
Define, write, and achieve your desired results in life through the power of goals. In this module you will learn to channel your energy on the immediate and intermediate activities necessary to reach your long-range goals.

Module 3 - Attack Your Attitude
Attitude is a choice. The attitude towards our daily activities can make the difference. Learn to change your mindset and attack your daily activities with a positive attitude to get the right things done.

Module 4 - Attack Your Productivity
We'll discuss the most popular 101 productivity strategies in the book so you can learn to quickly deal with email, distractions, focus, communication, meetings, and interruptions to increase your productivity.

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